Better Homes


About Better Homes

Better Homes has been one of the leading real estate companies in Jordan. With a team of over 30 professionals catering to property in Jordan, it’s no wonder we’re the region’s premier real estate company with the largest selection of Jordan's property. So, whether you want to buy, sell, or rent a property in Amman we’ll be happy to assist you. We’ve also made our presence felt in international markets across the world with our exciting range of branches and properties that cater to the homeowners and the investors.

Our comprehensive range of Jordan’s investment property services and Jordan’s property for sale listings that cover all types of residential and commercial real estate including villas, apartments, short-term rental properties, and office spaces combined with our fun and friendly attitude mean that real estate just isn’t as boring and complex as it used to be. With our complete range of property solutions, we give you a whole new property experience that is reliable, convenient, and transparent.